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LEGO H0 scale modular buildingsRecently I’ve started the…

LEGO H0 scale modular buildings

Recently I’ve started the creation of special H0 scale modular buildings on 16×16 base plates.

LEGO Railroad Snow PlowThis is still my favorite model based…


Railroad Snow Plow

This is still my favorite model based on the Märklin 44734 LEGO car. It was an spontaneous idea – and took me basically an afternoon to design it. To collect all parts from Ebay took me few days. The basic design is inspired by a swiss steam snow plow.

LEGO Tank Car “Shell”Third car of the emergency train is the…


Tank Car “Shell”

Third car of the emergency train is the Tank Car. As shown in the second picture you can use the hosepipe of the Mobile Power Station Car and pump the fuel to the Mobile Power Station. The Shell brick and the Shell plate are original vintage pieces of LEGO.

Getting started #01: Base Plate TutorialFirst off you have to…

Getting started #01: Base Plate Tutorial

First off you have to imitate the base plate of the Märklin 44734 car to get a proper instruction manual. The Märklin 44734 base plate comes with 4×18 knobs. Lego doesn’t have such plate available so you have to improvise. 

I’ve got best results using a 2×16 plate and then attaching three 4×6 plates as shown above.

The instruction for the base plate isn’t necessary to create your own model – but it enables the LEGO Digital Designer to create automatically the instruction manual for your rail car.

LEGO Mobile Power Station This is my second design for a…


Mobile Power Station

This is my second design for a rail car built on the H0 scale Märklin Clip-on block car. The mobile power station is intended to power the satellite communications car of the emergency train. Once again you can see the heavy usage of transparent bricks to give the train a more detailed look in H0 scale.