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Layout: Progress #3 – Final design & foam base

Layout: Progress #3 – Final design & foam base:

Finally worked on my module

Unboxing: ScaleTrains Trinity 31K Tank Car

Unboxing: ScaleTrains Trinity 31K Tank Car:

Unboxing some tank cars.

(via Some basic…

(via Some basic objects created for model railroading in HO Scale.





HO Model Train Layouts Can Provide A Lifetime of Enjoyment

HO Model Train Layouts Can Provide A Lifetime of Enjoyment:

HO model train layouts offer a great pastime for people of all ages. They provide an interesting way to see just how a railroad can work. A well planned layout can integrate some of the more interesting aspects of actual railroading like bridge architecture, tunnel construction, and communications planning. Through the combination of a well laid track plan and a good collection of locomotives and rolling stock, an HO model train layout can offer many hours of enjoyment to a model railroading hobbyist. The keys to good HO model train layouts are to create a model railroad…

Model Railways Offer A Way To Enhance A Hobbyist’s Education

Model Railways Offer A Way To Enhance A Hobbyist’s Education:

Model railways can greatly enhance any hobbyist’s education. One way that they can do this is by helping a hobbyist learn about history and geography. By learning how trains were designed over time and working with their models on a model railway, a model railroader can learn about history of railroads and the history of their own nation and the world. Through learning the ways that tracks were laid on different types of terrain, a model railroad hobbyist can learn how geography directly affects our world’s transportation and communication networks. This all will overall greatly improve the model railroader’s education…

N Scale Trains

N Scale Trains:

Model railroading has long been a popular hobby in the U.S. and Britain. Its popularity is only increasing as more models and types of trains become available. Models come in many different sizes, from matchbox trains to near life-size replicas. N scale trains are one of the most popular sizes. This is a hobby that can be as simple or as complex as the practitioner wants. Some of the more avid enthusiasts have turned entire basements into model train arenas. They have spent several thousand dollars collecting engines, tracks and buildings. Railroading can be done on a…

Guidelines for Understanding Model Railroading

Guidelines for Understanding Model Railroading:

Model railroading is a pastime activity common among many people all over the world. Additionally, there is an extensive product line on offer reloaded with a huge amount of actions that can be undertaken in a restricted area. The set up can be upgraded to create matching existent scenery and features that has electricity installed. These little trains come in many different sizes with matching scales and gauges. The model train scale refers to the proportion of actual size train that a given prototype model is built. For optimum fun, an understanding of…